10 Types of Affiliates

Did you know that an affiliate can be of multiple types? Because before you plan your strategy and go ahead with your implementation for affiliate marketing. It would be super beneficial to know the various types of affiliates program available.
[If you need a recap of affiliate marketing, then please check “What is Affiliate Marketing“]

The type of Affiliate you choose can impact your earnings positively or negatively.

And if you plan to be a merchant, then it is essential as per your business to select the correct type of affiliates to benefit maximum from affiliate marketing.

I have listed down the different types of Affiliates for you:

1. Coupon Sites

The coupon or deal sites are a trendy type of affiliate site the reason they get a lot of visitors who have the high intention of purchasing the products/services and are looking for good deals or discounts. These sites offer codes to consumers to earn commissions. Examples of such sites are Coupons.com, offers.com, etc.

2. News & Media Sites

You must be wondering how can news or media sites be a type of affiliate. Well, they are, not all of them but quite a few of them. They may integrate the affiliate links in their content, not in the news but some general content. These sites may even add banner ads or native ads in their content with affiliate links.

3. Content Sites

These are content-heavy sites on topics like Entertainment, Bollywood gossips, Lifestyle, Sports, etc. They are like magazines or, in fact, magazines themselves. Content is regularly posted and updated on them. The content consists of Banner or links containing Affiliate links. You will also find that few of these sites are forums having user-generated content.

4. Review Sites

Review sites of products or services can also be a good affiliate choice, and you can consider this option when you start planning your affiliate journey. These sites are dedicated to reviewing the product/services. If you are working on such ideas, it would be good to ensure that the website does not have a lot of pop-ups and widgets that turn away the visitors. Having a clean website with a genuine intention of helping the visitors can be an excellent long term strategy. There are many websites where Amazon products are reviewed and linked to Amazon.

The next type of affiliate is …

5. Loyalty or Cashback Sites

Cashback sites have a fantastic concept. This type of affiliate site makes its consumers their partners. Let me explain, suppose a consumer clicks on the affiliate link and buys the product from the merchant’s site. Then the merchant pays the affiliate site the commission; now, a part of this commission is returned to the consumer who clicked on the affiliate link to buy the product. So basically, the Affiliate shares his commission amount with the consumer because he was able to make money. The margins for the Affiliate here are low, but the affiliates recover as a large number of consumers are attracted to cashback sites. A few examples of such sites are Pennyful, eBates, FatWallet, etc.

6. Blog

Bloggers write on various topics; they can be hobby bloggers or professional bloggers. Few bloggers may be writing about the products or services they might be using, while other bloggers blog to express themselves or log their lives. Blogging is a subset of Content sites. The bloggers also integrate the affiliate links in their content or add banner ads having the affiliate links. Since blogging is more personal, it is easy for consumers to relate to the content on this site. Hence the probability of the consumer following the recommendations of the blogger is high. That means blogging is one good choice to start your affiliate marketing journey.

7. Shopping Comparison

These websites are full of information about products/services in a comparison format. Comparing features of similar products or services helps the consumer make the right choices while buying. These shopping comparison sites also have tools to ease the process of comparing the products. When the visitor clicks on the product, the link leads to the merchant site, and if the product is bought, the shopping comparison sites earn commissions. Example is Shopping.com
If you want to develop such a site, you might need thorough planning and technical support or expertise.

8. Emails

Email affiliates are simple, but it needs a good number of email databases gathered over a period of time. The email data list reduces dependency on other techniques which consume a lot of time, like SEO. If you wish to be an email affiliate, it will take some time to build the list. The affiliate links are integrated into the email content.

9. Mobile Applications

Mobile applications like gaming or content apps or utility apps also add affiliate links to monetize their applications. So if you are an app developer or a partner with some app developer, you can plan to monetize mobile apps using the affiliate links.

10. Search Affiliates

Google Ads, FB Ads, and other forms of ads are used to bring visitors to the merchants’ website by the affiliates using affiliate links. If you plan to be this kind of Affiliate, you will need to select high paying affiliate programs. Also, you will need to invest initially in running the ads.

So as an affiliate, you can choose to be any of these, and as a merchant, you can consider the above types of affiliates to get the traffic to your merchant site.