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21 Tips for building Personal Brand on LinkedIn

21 tips to build personal brand tips on LinkedIn
Linkedin Stats

With these fascinating statistics, one can hardly resist having LinkedIn account and make personal brand,

LinkedIn plays an important role in building one’s career as it helps to find relevant jobs, connect with professionals in your industry, and collect knowledge from industry peers. If you are a sales professional, LinkedIn can help you find clients with high-quality leads. If you are a business owner or entrepreneur you can find people to collaborate with who can help you grow your business.

To begin this, the 1st step would be to create your profile on LinkedIn and build an impressive personal brand.

What is a personal branding?

Personal branding is presenting your experience, skills, and personality in a way that helps build relationships with prospective clients or prospective hiring managers, to set you apart from the competition, attract ideal opportunities and many more. 

3 strong pillars to create a personal brand on LinkedIn are:

  1. Long term goal
  2. Content creation
  3. Consistent digital presence

The following 21 tips will help to lay a foundation for these pillars and build a personal brand on LinkedIn. Let’s get to know them one by one:

1. Profile Picture:

Your profile picture is kinda your 1st impression and it gives an insight into your personality. Make sure to keep it right. These pointers should help you get it right:

  • Get a professional picture clicked in professional attire. Having it in work blazer would be great. For ladies, Indian attire is also perfect as long as it is the one that you would wear to your interview or business meeting no heavy jewelry.
  • A headshot picture works better than the complete profile.
  • Keep those expressions approachable, not too serious face and not too fun face. Of course, no pouts
  • The latest picture of yours is better, makes sense right you don’t want to put the college picture there.
  • Don’t put selfies, get your friends or someone to take a nice picture of yours
  • If you want to edit picture it is a good idea to help it look more professional. But don’t use any visibly loud filters

Yup, that’s a lot of pointers for a profile picture but it works.

2. Cover Picture

The cover picture helps the viewers to remember you. You can use your favorite quote, a picture of you working at your workplace, or it can even represent your industry. Cover Picture photo must be:

  • JPG, GIF, or PNG file.
  • Lesser than 8MB.
  • 1584 (w) x 396 (h) pixels(recommended)
21 tips for bulding personal brand on linkedin
3. Headline

A LinkedIn headline is the section at the top of a LinkedIn user’s profile where they can describe what they do in 120 characters or less. And the best is to use the designation that you currently hold as that explains a lot. Think about what exact words you want people to search you for on LinkedIn. Therefore use those exact words in your headline. For example, for me, people search for digital marketing trainer and hence I use Digital Marketing Trainer in my headline. 

4. Current position

The current position means your designation in the company in which you are working.

Adding your current position in the profile will make people more aware of your current engagements and accordingly people would want to approach you for work. Hence, LinkedIn can bring you new opportunities at work and help you grow when you put all the information.

5. Contact Info 

If you wish you can add your company email address and Twitter account details so that people can contact you. But wishing people to contact you for work and not giving contact information won’t be helpful.

6. About

This part represents you and your thoughts. Talk about your experience, your beliefs, your interests, and the vision your hold for your career. You can even talk about some outstanding achievements, This section has to be interesting. It should be like a movie trailer interesting enough for people to watch the complete movie. And in your case about should be interesting enough for people to connect with you and collaborate. 

Try using important keywords in the about section. Keywords are the words that people put in LinkedIn Search to search for specific requirements like Search Engine Expert or Digital Marketing Manager. The keywords are of course dependent on the needs of the people. So if you use the words you think people might be looking for if they were to search you, then that will work wonders. 

7. Featured

In this section, you can add posts, articles, links, and media that will highlight your profile. You can add an amazing article that you have written regarding your industry trends or a pdf of an analysis that you have done for a certain case study. You can also add presentations of your business explaining the products/services or showcase your work. A picture of you receiving an award or speaking to a group. Basically, media that can support your profile and create a genuine interest to work with you.

8. All-star dashboard

All-star is the highest rating that LinkedIn gives you to showcase the strength of your LinkedIn profile. To achieve all star on your profile complete the details asked by LinkedIn. Answer the questions that are applicable to you. Users with complete profiles are 40 times more likely to receive opportunities through LinkedIn including job offers, new clients, new markets, new connections to centers of influence, and more. 

9. Work experience

Add all the companies that you have worked for and add details of your work experience that you have got in that designation. You can also add your achievements here in each work experience. It could be like x% more sales done from the time you joined or email open rates increased by y% etc. 

10. Licenses & Certifications

Mentioning your certifications in your LinkedIn profile are a way of building trust. Imagine you connecting with a LinkedIn user in America it would not be easy to trust but having a certificate or license can be helpful to start the initial discussion. 

11. Volunteer Experience

Adding volunteer experiences to your profile shows that you also a caring personality and aware of your responsibilities towards society. It’s not compulsory, but adding it would be a good idea if you have experience. It reflects the causes you care about after work hours. Sharing your humanitarian and philanthropic interests shows your well-rounded character that your target audience may find relatable and interesting.

12. Skills

It shows your core competencies and your expertise. Including specific skills on your LinkedIn profile is a great way to showcase your abilities to other members, such as your peers, colleagues, managers, and even recruiters. You can add a maximum of 50 skills to your profile. They’re a simple and effective way of building your professional brand and engaging your network.

13. Accomplishments

It is the place where you can showcase all the hard-earned accomplishments to your profile visitors. Genuine and relevant mentions can build your brand impact.

14. Recommendations

You must try to give and receive recommendations. Recommendations on a profile give the impression you are a team player, people appreciate your work, it also helps to develop your personal brand’s perspective in the reader’s mind. Further, it enhances the value of skills and work experience mentioned in the profile with the human touch. 

15. Interests 

The truth is, people, like to work with friendly people who have similar interests. The interests you choose should be real and include your choice, adding interests in terms of cause, industry, your role models can be a great idea. 

16. Public URL and visibility

Using keywords related to your profession are highly advisable in your profile URL. To change the URL please go to your profile then click on “Edit public profile and URL” in the top right corner and then change the field details under “Edit your custom URL”. Just below this option, you will also find the visibility settings. You can decide which part of your profile you can keep publically visible. Showcasing your work experience can be fruitful.

17. Posts

Regularly posting from your profile can be a good idea to increase your personal brand visibility. But most people are stuck with the question “what should be the post be all about”. Posts can be industry news, motivational quotes, business stories, case studies, your achievements, your company updates and launch details, appreciation to your colleagues, your new solutions to certain problems, and many more topics. The topics should be relevant and interesting for your connections. Mentioning your colleagues or company in the post in good light is also nice to increase the reach.

18. LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn groups have members from a particular industry or designation or interests. Joining groups relevant to your profile is a great idea. You can join multiple groups. It would be advisable to join an active group and you also participate on a regular basis by reacting appropriately to group members post. If you can share content from your company page or simply post something interesting and useful from your own profile would a nice way to increase your brand reach.

19. Articles

The article is a feature right below the post. An article can be an elaborate post with images. What kind of article can you write? The article can be your perspective on industry news, your suggestions to a particular industry problem, your observations on certain industry trends, and so on. You can even talk about your company and it’s case studies. Articles are a great way of promoting your personal brand in an elaborate content format.

20. Activity

On your profile, there is a section called Activity. It shows your recent activities to the profile visitors. Interacting with relevant posts of your connection, sharing good quality content, etc, can help your personal brand. So, interact with your connections in genuine ways, basically you need to be active.

21. Connections

Grow your connections amongst your industry peers and possible clients. Having a large number of connections is a good idea. As the people engaging with your posts will increase. And that will give a little viral effect when your connections interact with your posts their connections will be able to see your posts.

I am sure, gradually as you implement all these tips in your LinkedIn activities, you will reap the benefits.

And here is a bonus tip you can also check the strength of your profile using SSI (Social Selling Index). Follow this link: LinkedIn SSI Score

In case you have any queries or questions regarding personal branding on LinkedIn do contact us.

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