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7 Steps to create a Blog!

7 steps to create a blog

Everyone is talking about blogging whether it is an individual, or a professional, or a business owner. So the question is “What are the steps to create a blog?” And especially for you, I have created these 7 steps to start blogging!

Step 1: Choose the Content Topic for blog

You win the 1st battle when you choose the topic on which you want to write blog posts “correctly”. Now how to choose the topics:

  • Analyze what you like? Do you like to read, sing, dance, cook, trade on the stock market, coach people? Basically, what is your forte?
  • Is there a demand in the market are people interested to know about it. And if people have problems in the zone (that you are planning to write the blog) then… you are bang on target. The reason is when people have a problem they Google and if they Google then there is a demand which you can fulfill!
  • Use the following tools to find the right trending topic(niche!) you want to put your time and effort on.

Step 2: Competition Analysis

This is said to be the most crucial thing! But you can plan to do it early on or later. Cause according to me if you are an expert or passionate about a certain topic your creative skill for creating that content will get skewed if you do competition analysis. Some people even get demotivated. So, choose when to do it. But do it. 3 reasons why you should do it:

  1. What is working in the market in terms of content likes and dislikes?
  2. Are people engaging with the content?
  3. How are these bloggers promoting the content? Learning is good!

Step 3: Choose the Media/Platform to Blog

You need a place to write your blogs! It can be wordpress.com, wix.com or you can buy a domain name and hosting space with one of the hosting service providers – install WordPress application on server and start.

If it looks a little overwhelming, then start with wordpress.com on free package 1st. And later when you have a couple of content pieces developed start your paid subscription of Rs. 150/month.

And hey! Don’t forget to buy an interesting domain. The overall investment should be less than Rs. 1500

Step 4: Plan your Blog Editorial Calendar

Planning a content calendar beforehand is very important. Why? Because it is key to being consistent. And if you are not consistent then you are out of sight. And out of sight is out of mind. Your calendar should have majorly 5 things:

  • The date on which you want to publish blog
  • Time at which you want to publish blog
  • What would be the topic on which you want to write the blog post
  • Few pointer and ideas on the same
  • What is the deadline to finish developing the content?

Step 5: Develop the content

This is a crucial thing! You need to write content in a way that once people read your blog post they should not find the need to go to any other website to read on the same topic or problem they were searching for.

There are many tools available in the market that will help you to find blog topic titles from the HubSpot Blog topic generator to grammar checking tools like Grammarly. Make most of these tools and ensure you do write an authentic piece of a blog post. Why authentic? Cause Google doesn’t like copy-paste. And we want to be on good terms with Google Algorithm.

Step 6: Promote! Promote! Promote!

The key to success is this! How much ever good content you develop. If you don’t promote it, then people will not come to know about it. And we know “Jo dikta hai, who bikta hai”

Now the question is how to promote. Easy trick copy the media of your competitor. But don’t do mistakes if they are doing the mistakes. Going another way is this:

  • Understand where your consumers are? That means which media they are more glued to
  • Which media the consumers visit for professional work or entertainment or finding solutions to their problems. Trust me all are not the same.

Should you go for paid promotion or free (organic) promotion. As a blogger usually we don’t want to pump in money as there is no immediate cost-benefit. But if you can spare it. Then do promote to get the initial traffic or else choose from the organic media only like SEO and SMM. Well SEO works for us.

Step 7: Monitor and Optimize

Measuring will only tell you what should be improved and what should be continued. Working with basic analytics tools is a must, like Google Analytics and Google Search Console. Do regularly check these things:

  • How much traffic are you getting on your blog site?
  • Where are these people coming from to your blog site?
  • For which queries is your blog post ranking better

These are a few fundamental metrics. And once you know the results do improvise things.

I would like to conclude by saying that – Don’t treat blogging as a hobby project. Treat it like a real deal business that needs time and dedication. Then it will flourish to give you the results of all your hard work.

I do have an amazing Digital Marketing course called as Master Program, it not just ensures you know techniques, but we ensure you implement them to get the results out of your blog or your business or your job. 

In case of any queries, write to me at success@ddigitaltree.com