Benefits & Drawbacks of Affiliate Marketing

Hello! I am sure the post “What is affiliate marketing” has given you loads of ideas to start with it.

Now let us discuss the benefits and drawbacks of Affiliate Marketing.
It is beneficial for all the parties involved, the affiliate, the merchant, and the consumer.
The affiliate gets the commissions which is the source of income for them.
The merchant gets the customers for the products/ services they are producing.
The customer gets a good product/service which the affiliate has recommended.

It is a win-win-win for all parties. 

Now let’s discuss the excellent benefits I think you can enjoy as an affiliate. 

1. It’s a massive industry with many options

Affiliate Marketing is a billion-dollar industry. And there are many options in terms of affiliate programs and networks which, as an individual, you can join. 

There are affiliate programs in every industry. So, suppose you are a travel-related content producer. In that case, you have the affiliate program, for example, by Make My Trip or Airbnb; if you are the content publisher for jewellery, then there is Voyolla. Or, if you want to sell almost anything as your content topics have variations, then you can join the Amazon affiliate program.

Based on your interest, you as an affiliate can select the product you can use, trust it, and promote it to your audience in a genuine way. Genuine is crucial, and the audience can judge it. And with honesty, we can win many readers who will return again and again to your website/channel to read your content and recommendations. The more involved and detail-oriented you are with the content, the more successful you get as an affiliate. 

2. It’s a business opportunity with low or no investment

If you have always wished to start your own business, then affiliate marketing can be one of the good options to consider. Practically, it has no barrier in terms of joining. There is no need for capital; all you need is a laptop, electricity, and internet.

If you know how to build a website, then that would be a bonus. But, don’t worry if you are not very techy; there are so many blogging sites like blogger or etc., where you can easily create your blog. In this DDigitalTree blog, many posts are present for you to learn to be a blogger, so stay tuned. It will help you to start your blog quickly. Apart from the blog, there are other contents producing platforms like YouTube, Instagram etc. all you need is to select the topic of your choice to start being a content producer and hence an affiliate. 

If you choose to have your self-hosted websites, you may have to invest just for the domain name and hosting space, which is a meagre investment. For example, DDigitalTree is using Godaddy Domain Name and WordPress hosting service. 

3. No expertise is required

There is no need to be a master of any specific topic or subject to start affiliate marketing. You can create your blog on a social media channel of your interest as mentioned earlier, and gradually build your audience. The journey of mastering a skill or topic can also be documented as a blog or vlogged on YouTube. 

And always remember practice will make you perfect. All our posts on DDigitalTree here will support you and guide you to begin your affiliate marketing journey. But don’t be afraid to do experiments. You can freely choose various tactics for creating content and promoting content. Whatever works best for your niche can be your strategy. 

4. Good supplementary income source

Affiliate marketing is not about a full-time job or part-time. You can choose whether you want to do affiliate marketing and simultaneously do your career or business.

You can start working on an affiliate program part-time, and after you see results, you can gradually shift. 

If you wish to go full-time with affiliate marketing, it always works positively, as you can give more attention and focus because of which chances of getting results faster increase. 

How early you will start making money or how much you will make ultimately depends on your efforts and the affiliate program you choose to join. 

5. Flexibility and Convenience.

Affiliate marketing is performance-based, and it entirely depends on you. How much time do you want to work, and what hour of the day you chose to work. You are free to set your schedule and select the environment where you want to work. 

It is a kind of business wherein you don’t even have to worry about after-sales service after selling the product as an affiliate. Or any operations and team management and all those things. Affiliate marketing provides you with convenience as per your priorities.  

6. No marketing kit is needed

All the material and information needed to create the content for your blog post or video are simply present on the merchant’s site, or you can document the journey of using the product or service. 

7. Unlimited resources in terms of techniques and strategies

Getting relevant traffic to your site is very important in affiliate marketing. You can promote your blog or channel to the appropriate people in many ways like SEO, social media promotion, paid ads on social networks on search engines, enable it to your email list, etc. 

You can create your community of people to whom you can promote affiliate links. For example, you can start teaching and promote the links to your students of specific tools or software if you like teaching.

It is not just the individual who plans to be an affiliate who gets all the benefits. The company or the merchant who produces the products or services, who plans to launch the affiliate program also benefits immensely. 

Benefits of Affiliate Marketing to Merchants

If you have a company, you can launch your affiliate program; it’s a good idea to become a merchant in affiliate marketing. I want to share the benefits of being a Merchant in affiliate marketing:

  1. Affiliate marketing boosts SEO: Organic traffic is essential for SEO. If your website gets more organic traffic from other websites, the search engine ranking soars up. As affiliates will participate in your affiliate programs, your website will get mentions on their site. Hence this will boost your organic traffic, improving your SEO.
  2. Boosts Sales: Visitors of the affiliates’ websites trust them because of their excellent content and experience. And hence when the affiliate recommends the product of your company, the probability of the sale increases. Affiliate marketing is a good channel to increase sales among the relevant audience. If you observe, affiliates work is like a digital salesperson. Certain businesses rely just on affiliates. So depending on your business category, you can decide whether you want to create affiliate marketing as one more sales channel.
  3. Increase brand awareness: Affiliates have a great reach in terms of visitors to their site. Hence, when the affiliates mention your products and product links, it increases the brand’s reach among the customers that match your target audience. 

So as you see benefits of affiliate marketing are many, for both the Merchant and Affiliate. Does it mean there are no drawbacks? Well, it is not so there are drawbacks as well, which you can overcome if correctly activities are done.

Let me tell you the disadvantages for the affiliate:

  1. Affiliate marketing is like freelance jobs, making you feel lonely as you might be sitting at home alone and doing all work by yourself. To overcome this drawback, you can find some workspace in co-working or cafes where you can work.
  2. With many affiliate marketing options, you might end up stepping into a spammy marketing campaign. So, beware of the affiliate program you are joining, do proper research on the same.
  3. Affiliate marketing is performance-oriented, and also it takes time to set a regular stream of income. And there is no guarantee of payment viz-a-viz a set timeframe like salaried employees. 
  4. Competition for a particular affiliate marketing program can be high, and it can be challenging to set an income stream.
  5. Also, logically all the control of the affiliate business is in your hand. But you are still dependent on the affiliate marketing program’s rules and commission structures. 

And now you also know the disadvantages and ways to overcome are your intelligent moves.

To conclude this post, I would like to say research from all perspectives before starting affiliate marketing. It has incredible benefits, as we discussed and like every business, a couple of drawbacks. Stay tuned to the DDigitalTree posts for more information on Affiliate Marketing.