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Best Practices in Affiliate Marketing

Best practices in affiliate marketing

Many new affiliate marketers do not receive a single paycheck sometimes. While some earn decently fair commissions. Starting affiliate marketing is easy but it is important to sustain it longer. That is why we recommend following some best practices in affiliate marketing. These best practices will help affiliates to sustain longer in running an affiliate marketing business.

Let’s start with the best practices:

1. Build a Rapport

On your website, a blog or YouTube channel publishes content around a particular subject or niche. And develop content in detail so that it interests your audience, and keep them engaged. Instead of developing the content of varied subjects selecting the niche shows that you are an expert in this subject. As a result, this will increase the chances of people not only clicking on your recommendations but also buying the products/services from your affiliate links. Hence you will make more commissions.

2. Make it personal

There are so many affiliate programs for so many products. Select the products that you have used or can use. So that when you develop the content around that product it gives a real and valuable perspective that your audience will connect with. When you truly believe in the product it will surely reflect in your content. Give the audience examples or instances when you have used the product which your audience will enjoy. And this will increase the chances of clicks as well as improve your personal brand.

Avoid recommending the products which you have not used or you are very unlikely to buy. Trust is everything, adding value and helping the audience will help you in the long run.

3. Join multiple affiliate programs

If you join just one affiliate program then you are completely dependent on that merchant’s commission, particularly the landing page and its conversion rate. But if you join multiple affiliate programs then you will diversify the number of commissions which will help you to generate a steady stream of income.

best practices in affiliate marketing

4. Constantly monitor and improve

Always check the numbers and try to improve is and faster to achieve the objective. Let’s say on a particular webpage of yours where you promote a particular affiliate link you get on an average of 5000 visitors per week and 2% of the audience clicks and visits the merchant’s site. That means only 100 people from your site visit the merchant site.

To make more commissions you need to increase the number of visitors to the merchant site from your website. For this, either you can increase the number of visitors from 5000 to 10000 of your site keeping the same conversion rate of 2% the visitors to merchant’s site will be 200. 200 referrals you will be able to send. But for increasing this number you have to take a lot of effort in terms of promoting your webpage with SEO, Social Media, etc.

Instead, you try improving your conversion rate from 2% to 4%. So even with 5000 visitors/per week, you can still send referral traffic of 200 to your merchant’s site. For increasing conversion rate you will have to improve your call to action or landing page design and content or placement of the affiliate link etc. To get better results with less effort.

You need to monitor numbers and keep finding alternatives and comparatively easy ways to improve the statistics.

5. Pay attention to your traffic sources

You need to regularly keep checking the reports to understand that the visitors of your website are coming from which websites. Are they coming from organic search engine results or are they coming from social media or email lists etc. Also, understand the demographics of your website visitors. Based on this you can improve your website’s promotional activities and also recommend the products which are relevant to your website visitors. Close monitoring of the reports regularly can indicate to you which aspect of your website needs improvements.  

6. Engage with current trends

Current affairs, technology, promotional strategies, affiliate programs, conversion rates all keep changing. Study the changes and improve your website or digital content this will increase the probability of making more commissions. There is a lot of competition staying updated and steering the directions based on changing trends can be profitable action.  

7. Choose campaigns carefully

Even if you are amazing at your marketing skills you might earn fewer commissions if you select a bad product or misaligned products with your audience.

Hence you must study carefully the affiliate program and the target audience your website is getting and make a good choice.

I have tried to share the list of best practices that can help you as an affiliate. Try these in your affiliate marketing activities to grow your audience and make more commissions.

I hope you understand affiliate marketing thoroughly. In case of any query or doubt, you can write to me at success@ddigitaltree.com

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