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Cross-Platform Messaging Integration of Instagram and Messenger

Cross integration of Instagram & Messenger

Cross-platform messaging integration

Cross-platform messaging integration lets you receive and send a message from any of the multiple apps. Facebook has launched this interesting integration, called cross-platform messaging integration on Instagram and Messenger.

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Facebook has brought this update to provide the users with a better communicating private space. Focusing on giving more options to express themselves, the company has added some of the best Messenger features to Instagram.  As a result, this update will give Instagram users an enhanced communication experience.

Users will have to create Accounts Centre where they can connect one Instagram account to one Facebook account.

Instagram Messenger integration

Instagram’s DM Section has got the major changes, and we have summarized all these for you.

These new features added to the New Messenger experience on Instagram can be explained the best by the following:
  1. Communication Across Apps: This new update allows users to message one another from app to app. You now need not remember which conversation thread to find on which particular app. Additionally, connect with friends and family with the use of either app to join video calls and send messages.
  1. Selfie Stickers: With your selfie, create a boomerang sticker to use in conversations.

Isn’t it fun?

Selfie stickers
  1. Chat Themes & Colors: For personalized chats, change the theme, and chat colors according to your moods.
  2. Custom Emoji Reactions: Now add the emojis you use the most to react quickly to the message.
  3. Vanish Mode: Seen messages disappear after they are seen or closing of the chat.
  4. Reply: Respond directly to a specific message by highlighting it.
  5. Forward Message: Easily share content with more than five friends or groups.
  6. Message Controls: It is up to you to decide who can message you directly and who can not.
  7. Watch Together: This update gives you the feature to enjoy watching videos on Facebook Watch, IGTV, Reels (coming soon!), TV shows, movies, and more with friends and family during a video call.
  8. Enhanced Reporting and Blocking Updates: Users will now be able to block a single message to complete conversations with enhanced reporting as an additional feature too.
Privacy & Safety

Privacy and safety have been kept in mind in this new update, users will have choice and controls to manage their privacy, including whether message requests go to your Chats list, your Message Requests folder, or whether you receive them at all. The company has added additional features to report suspicious activity and take action to block someone across apps to stop unwanted messages and calls when something doesn’t feel right.

And, the best part is, you can opt-out whenever you want.

Stay tuned for more interesting updates in an easy and fun way.

Image source: the verge and about facebook.