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e-Commerce Marketing and its Benefits

ecommerce marketing and its benefits
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Some facts about eCommerce marketing

Do you shop online? Well Yes! Me too. We are surely moving digital for everything and online shopping is no exception. And eCommerce marketing is buying using the internet through eCommerce sites. People nowadays buy many things online than ever before. Amazon, becoming a multibillion-dollar company is a classic example of the increased use of online buying.

The study shows that about 67% of millennials and 56% of Gen Xers choose to shop through eCommerce sites versus offline. These two generations spend more time than the older generations on buying online. The time ranges from 6 hours versus 4 hours being later.

Breaking the stereotyping of women being shoppers, men spend 25% more time purchasing online.

In general, it has become the norm to buy online. Thus it is important to learn about eCommerce marketing now, more than ever. 

So, What is eCommerce Marketing?

eCommerce marketing represents an online process of buying and selling products or services involving the internet using electronic devices. The transaction includes the transfer of money and information required to complete the process which is further followed by the fulfillment of the order by the seller, which could be a product or service which can be digital or physical.

eCommerce is very specific to the trade transaction whereas if you say eBusiness it encompasses all aspects of operating an online business.

And what is eCommerce Marketing and its benefits?

The process involves increased brand awareness through a set of activities and eventually increase the sales of products and services digitally.

With the introduction of eCommerce marketing, let us further understand how can it benefit us. The following are some of the few reasons:- 

1: Less Financial Investment

It is very easy and cost-effective to create an eCommerce site with the help of many readily available and easy to use eCommerce platforms. Investment involves domain name, hosting space, fees of the eCommerce platform, and efforts to setup. But this is way less expensive than setting up a real physical store which involves lakhs of rupees.

2: 24/7 Potential Income

The eCommerce sites are open 24 hours and 7 weeks a day and hence increases the opportunities for sales as the customers can shop anytime.

3: Take your Business International

The sky’s the limit when you have no geographic constraints to sell the products or services. eCommerce gives you wonderful opportunities to sell anywhere in the world with a proper distribution channel.

ecommerce marketing benefits
4: Easy to Showcase Bestsellers

Showing bestsellers gives your products the leverage as they are proven and chosen most among people. We further categorize it on the basis of products, people are searching for. Thus it helps in increasing the cross-sell based on purchase history.

5: Personalized Online Experience

On the eCommerce website, you can enhance an individual visitor’s experience by showcasing the products based on his/her data.

For example, if the browsing pattern on your eCommerce site shows the visitor is a female then you can accordingly show the products. In fact, Voonik the clothing eCommerce site upfront asks the inputs from the user regarding their gender and styling preferences to show the content accordingly, which increases the chances of a sale.

Also based on the promotional campaign you are running you can plan the landing page. So that when a visitor lands on the eCommerce page he/she is seeing exactly what was presented in the ad.

Even the email database of the eCommerce site are segregated and based on the segments’ preferences the email campaigns can be executed for each category.

6: Affordable Employees

One of the best perks of having an eCommerce site is that you can hire the employees from any place in the world according to the site’s needs, like freelancers. It does not involve a full-time working employee like the one in the offline store. Virtual assistants can be a choice too.

7: Easily Retarget or Remarket to Customer

When you own an eCommerce site, it becomes very handy to remarket the products or services . Let us understand by example. Have you noticed the white sneakers or a red dress that you liked on a particular fashion site following you in the form of an ad on other websites, or in fact wherever you digitally visit even in the mobile apps? This is because of remarketing. It increases the probability of sales.

8: Gain Access to Customer Data Easily

In the offline store, you don’t get the customer data, as most people are reluctant to share their email and phone number. In digital data, it is easy as you get the people to register on your site. In fact, many eCommerce sites give coupons if the visitor registers, this helps the shopping sites to promote the products or services easily to the visitor later even when he has not visited the site.

The digital platform also gives the browsing patterns and data, along with purchase data, with all this data you can easily plan your campaigns for maximum sales.

9: High Processing Rate of Orders

Preparing many orders at a time is the advantage of having an eCommerce site. Offline stores have limitations of storing goods or the capacity of allowing several visitors to the store. But in eCommerce sites, dispatching a high number of orders is easy as everything is digital and software-based.

10: Scale Business Quickly

Digitally it is quick and efficient to scale up the business region-wise, sales-wise, and budget-wise. Many marketing strategies and plans can help to increase the reach and sales.

So starting an eCommerce site is easy and the above-stated reasons can rope you in to start. For any queries, you can write to me at success@ddigitaltree.com

If you are interested in starting your own e-Commerce store, check our e-Commerce course.