Practical Digital Marketing Training: Online

Your expectations from digital marketing training

  • Training to help you implement the real stuffs
  • Handholding while you implement
  • Personalised coaching as per your learning style
  • Opportunity to implement what you learn

Our solutions with digital marketing training

  • Learning on the respective platforms & associated tools
  • 1 year handholding on call and email as a guide
  • Training is modified as per your learning capabilities
  • Real project work after course completion

List of modules covered under digital marketing

Digital Marketing is a blend of technology, creativity and marketing acumen. And this digital marketing course we exactly plan to learn all of it. To know the details under each module click on each these toggle tabs:

Build community to grow your brand

Learn from basics to advance elements of social media marketing. This module covers the following elements:

  • Introduction to social media marketing, nature of each social media and data that they have.
  • Social Networks covered: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, Youtube. 
  • Organic ways of promoting on social networks: brand page/handle creation, group creation, event creation etc.
  • Developing content strategy by understanding your core target audience to build high engagement.
  • Creating content calendar and ways to pre-plan your social media activities. ORM on social media. 
  • Best practices and case studies from small and big companies around the world.
  • Paid promotions: Media planning and budgeting, planning campaigns, setting up real campaigns, monitoring and optimizing for best results.
  • Learn how to generate pixel code and various re-marketing applications for higher conversions.
  • Live project implementation with real money on real platforms with real targets.

Be visible where it matters

SEO module covers all the following aspects to help your websites rank high on search engine result pages:

  • Understanding website structure and basics of HTML and CMS like WordPress.
  • Learning how google search engine works.
  • Keyword planning process to set the basics right.
  • On page optimization techniques from content, code & UI perspective.
  • Off page optimization techniques to generate traffic from best sources to your website by getting quality backlink.
  • Monitoring with tools like Google Search Console and optimizing SEO plan for high rankings.
  • Learning various SEO tools and hacks.


Measure ROI on your every penny spent

Learn fundamentals of PPC marketing and basics to advance of Google Ads. This module covers the following elements:

  • Exploring various Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising platforms
  • Study various types of Ad Formats
  • In PPC marketing one of the important channel is Google Ads, so we study Google Ads in detail:
    • Keyword Analysis with Keyword Planner,
    • Budget planning and bidding strategies for all types of Campaigns,
    • Ad copy creation,
    • Understanding various key performances indices, Monitoring and Reporting,
    • Optimizing Ad performances to reduce CPC and improve Ad Ranking,
    • Budgeting and bidding for profitability,
    • Re-marketing campaign creation

For brand awareness to customer relationship management

This module covers all the following aspect of email marketing:

  • Understanding email structure and email mechanism for marketing
  • Knowing who are email service providers
  • Learning to develop email content, CTA and landing pages
  • Direct mail marketing and their vendors. Filtering the database and segmenting them on ESP
  • Execution of email campaigns. And learning measurement parameters to develop reports and optimize for business growth
  • A/B Testing of email campaigns
  • Building email database and understanding laws and guidelines (CAN SPAM Laws)
  • Learning about auto-responders and email automation

Marketing @ consumers finger tips

Both mobile marketing and mobile app marketing is covered in this module. The details of the module are:

  • Difference between Mobile Marketing and Mobile App Marketing.
  • Need for Mobile Marketing and methods to do the same: SMS, WhatsApp, Voice, Mobile Website and Apps.
  • Fundamentals of Mobile App Marketing.
  • App store optimization to make your app visible.
  • App Promotion avenues to increase downloads.
  • Learn various revenue models for mobile applications.
  • Media planning and budgeting for mobile app promotions.
  • Mobile marketing strategies and execution plan creation.
  • Measure the metrics that matter to increase installs and in-app purchases.
  • Mobile marketing and mobile app marketing case studies.

Measure to succeed in your digital marketing quest

This module covers all the following aspect of Google Analytics:

  • Introduction to Google Analytics
  • Installing analytics tracking code
  • Understanding key concepts and Google Analytics’ terminologies
  • Understanding various types of report generation
  • Creation of dashboards, views and setting up integrations with other products like Google Search Console and Google Ads
  • Advanced Segmentation to track individual campaigns
  • Process of Goal setting and tracking the reports accordingly
  • Deriving business intelligence to optimize marketing campaigns
  • Best practices in collecting actionable data across various businesses

The king of digital marketing and the backbone for success

Learn fundamentals to advance aspects of content marketing. This module covers the following elements:

  • Importance of content marketing with case studies
  • Types of content: cost of production v/s effectiveness
  • Learning STEPPS Framework
  • Mapping customer life cycle
  • Business storytelling & learning content ideation process
  • Introduction to blogging and setting up of free blog account on WordPress
  • Content planning and calendar development
  • Content development best practices – Repurposing and Recycling content
  • Content promotion funnel
  • Measuring content performance and optimization
  • Learning various content development tools

Develop your website with CMS

You don’t need to be a developer to develop your website. You will learn following things in this module:

  • Basics of domain name and server, and how to select one.
  • Booking your domain name and buying hosting services and SSL.
  • Planning your website and developing website structure.
  • Developing wireframes and understanding the fundamentals of UI.
  • Content development for the website.
  • Choosing the right CMS to develop your website.
  • Implementing your website in reality.
  • Selecting the right theme to suit your needs
  • Learning to create pages and posts for your blog
  • Using plugins to increase functionality of your website

Need and hence trend of the era

Learn fundamentals and processes to create strategies in this module:

Influencer Marketing

  • Basics of Influencer Marketing
  • Defining and finding the right Influencers
  • Shortlisting and finalizing the influencers
  • Execution of the influencer campaign
  • Monitoring and optimization

Affiliate Marketing

  • Fundamentals of Affiliate Marketing
  • Learning various affiliate programs’ details
  • Working with Google Adsense and Amazon affiliate program
  • Creating your own affiliate program and the tools required to do so

Define your success

Careful planning to optimally use the available resources to achieve the desired results is what we will learn in this module:

  • Developing the digital marketing strategy starting with your products/service by understanding your target audience and research on the competition.
  • Defining the digital marketing mix.
  • Media planning and budgeting
  • Developing the execution plan based on the available resources
  • Defining implementation process
  • Monitoring and reporting
  • Deriving insights from reports to optimize the campaigns