About DDgitalTree

Decades of experience

DDigitalTree, is founded by Ashwini Vishwanath Desai, after spending more that 10 years in training, 12 years of implementation experience in digital marketing field, associating with more than 28 institute and training more than 6000 students.

The vision of DDigitalTree is:

“To be a catalyst in the success story of students, professionals and business owners achieved with the help of digital marketing tools and platforms”

The mission statement of DDigitalTree is:

“To enable the students to be professionals, to upskill the professionals and to supercharge the business owners with modern day marketing tools through practical training, insightful mentoring and object oriented consulting. All this made possible with a solid team of industry experts” 

Don’t Compromise in Learning

Choose the best

methods, tools and importantly mentors that has been our core principle. This can help you skill and grow faster.

Our team comprises of:



Experienced trainers who will practically teach you the latest platforms and help you with your practice sessions.



Mentors are professionals who help you to solve your small time queries and provide immediate suggestions.



Consultants work with you on month-on-month basis to help you with your long term marketing objectives.

we will work with you at every step of your requirements.

If you need training we ensure to teach digital marketing in the most practical way possible so that you can implement all the that you learn. Hence our training programs have practice months followed by training month.

Our courseware are developed by industry experts and are updated frequently. And trainings include real business situations.

Mentoring sessions, this idea has sprouted from the real enquiries where in that little nudge is needed to boost the confidence to run that campaign, understand that tool or platform. 

Every session is power-packed to ensure you make maximum of that 45 minutes session. 


We have a Dedicated Team

Kudos, to our pro-active team who will be in touch with you during your practice months. 

Our team provides best of Email and WhatsApp support to our participants.

Connect With Us

Whether you are looking for training programs, mentoring sessions or simply have some digital marketing queries connect with us.