Free Online Webinar on 27th April’24 @ 11am

Explore AI and it uses In Marketing

This webinar is designed specifically for students, young professionals and business owners who want to gain a head start in this exciting field. In this jam-packed session, you’ll grab the most valuable insights and unlock the secrets of AI-powered marketing!

Ashwini Vishwanath Desai

Ashwini Vishwanath Desai

Digital Marketing Consultant, Trainer and Speaker
CEO, DDigitalTtree

About Speaker

Meet our speaker Ashwini Vishwanath Desai, Digital Marketing Consultant, Trainer and Speaker. She has an industry experience of 12 years and parallel to the execution work she has trained more than 7000 students and professionals. 

She has been associated with more than 32 institutes and has done corporate training in companies like LIC and L’Oreal. 

Her trainings are power packed with practicals and real world case studies, as she believes doing is the way to learning.

Here's what you'll get from the webinar:

Master AI

Understand the core concepts and see how AI is used in marketing today.

Real-World Examples

Analyze real campaigns
to see AI in action.

Future of Marketing

Gain insights into the future of AI marketing and its potential career opportunities.

3 Exclusive Gifts

Get free gifts revealed only during the webinar!

Webinar Details

who is it for?

Who is this for?

Marketing beginners (students, young professionals, business owners) curious about AI.

When is The webinar?

On 27th April, 2024.
From 11:00AM to 12:00PM.
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What's included?

AI basics, real-world examples, 3 key AI use cases, & 3 bonus gifts (revealed during webinar)!