Digital Marketing Mentoring Services

Digital Marketing Mentoring Services

Are you tired of combing through countless articles and videos trying to find answers to your burning digital marketing questions? 

Look no further! Our industry experts in these on-demand quick short duration online digital marketing mentoring sessions, will help you with practical, actionable advice that will help you achieve your marketing goals. 

Whether you’re a small business owner or a marketing professional or digtal marketing fresher, our experts have got you covered.

Book a session now and take your online presence to the next level!

Benefits of Digital Marketing Mentoring Services

Here are three reasons why digital marketing online mentoring sessions are a must-try:

Guidance for Digital campaigns:

Through these sessions, you can gain guidance to ensure that you are on the right path for executing campaigns effectively, which can lead to more successful outcomes.

Access to industry experts

These sessions offer access to the experience and knowledge of industry experts, which can provide better ideas for planning and executing successful campaigns.

Save Time With Right Guidance

Digital marketing short online mentoring sessions can save time by providing quick solutions instead of spending hours trying to figure them out on your own.

Mentoring Sessions are For...

Mentor will provide guidance and support tailored to your specific needs of digital marketing. Mentoring sessions are best for:

  • Business Owners who are looking for basic plan or guidance with their digital marketing plan or some help in execution. These short mentoring sessions are best for fundamental support or dilemma resolution.
  • Marketing Managers, we do understand sometimes new updates or campaign results can be quite confusing, and a 3rd party analysis can open up new avenues and ideas for successful campaign performance. So do register for the mentoring session we are here for you.
  • Digital Marketing Executives/Interns who have just begun their career journey and need help with campaign setup or guidance with tools or even a quick training then these mentoring sessions are best for you.
  • Freelancers come across multiple challenging projects, so incase you are stuck with some issues or queries then digital marketing mentoring sessions is your answer. 
Digital Marketing Mentoring Services

How Digital marketing Mentoring Session Works?

  • Step 1: Fill the registration form provide the basic idea of the guidance that you are seeking.
  • Step 2: After you submit the form, you will get a call from DDigitalTree Team to set the mentoring session at a time that is suitable for you. And you will receive the payment link of Rs. 800 per session, and once the payment is completed you will receive the zoom meeting id over email and WhatsApp. 
  • Step 3: Mentoring session of 40 minutes. Post this you will get an email with the brief of discussion that you had.
We cover all aspects of digital marketing mentoring like social media marketing, SEO, Google Ads, Email Marketing, Mobile App Marketing, WordPress Website Development and more.
Our digital marketing mentoring sessions are lead by our founder Ashwini Vishwanath Desai and our Industry experts. Know more about us

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the mentoring session?

Mentoring Session is 40 minutes long

What is the cost of each mentoring session?

The cost of single mentoring session of 40 minutes long is Rs. 800/-

Can we resolve all the problem n one mentoring session?

Depending on the nature of the query you may need more than one mentoring session. But you will be informed well in advance about the same. Cause certain digital marketing queries may require more number of sessions. Also, depending on the skillset of the person you might also need a bit of training and handholding which can be done in more than 1 training session.

When will I get confirmation email regarding the mentoring session?

The DDigitalTree Team member will call you to confirm the timing and send you the payment link. Only after the time and payment confirmation is done you will get the zoom meeting id.